Underneath the moon, we drove on the developing roads of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PM, PNG). The chauffeur and I spoke of childhood memories and life’s sudden changes, foreign development and APEC. A Trump bobblehead danced on his dashboard to American trap music. We arrived at the head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s house. She invited me for hot pot. Passing security, I overheard a Chinese developer speak Tok Pisin to a guard. Looking back, I saw them sharing cigarettes. Inside, developers from China, India, and Australia sat around our bubbling dinner. Plucking out lamb with chopsticks, we discussed Geopolitics; APEC first, then gradually into global development and America’s ‘decline’. We covered Exxonmobil's successful extraction project, PNG’s uneducated population, China’s African developments, the internet, smartphones, and how Facebook changed PNG’s relationship to the world. Chinese-pop played loudly. I showed them Higher Brothers, and Chengdu trap-rap on Youtube. While we laughed at Trump and Yeezy, Melanesians brought drinks and rice, and cleared our mess. Their brown skin was brown as mine. After wine and gelato, I was adorned with ceremonial necklaces turned props, shown shells that once served as money, then given betel-nut as a parting gift… (More Here)

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