Provider | Here I Stand (ONGOING)

In my recent work, I show how we interact with the materials that surround us, abstract the meaning of those materials to give it order within a lexicon (in this case of visual language), and how that abstraction is turned into a pictorial symbol to give viewers more direct access to the content of the abstraction.

I do this by creating cargo bags filled with materials from the Pacific and surrounding them by carved wooden frames that use symbols to reflect the contents within and the abstract image painted on the cargo bag. Use of negative space to reflect intellectual gaps between what we know abstractly, and the symbols we use to simplify the complexities of what is real.

The frame - in a way - denies its purpose and makes clear that it has arbitrarily taken control of the space on the wall. But also - as if fighting against its lack of purpose - fulfills its aim in qualifying (maybe even sanctifying) - gives weight and affirms the presence - of the object it surrounds… colonizing what would be a free object used to share and spread materials and stories.  

Provider | Here I Stand