I hope you came across what you had to find.

I’m creating a body of work inspired by my trips to Cairo, Luxor, Kuwait, Florence, and Venice. While abroad I spent long periods of time in isolation. I had a limited ability to speak to the people in these cities because I didn’t know their language, I barely understood their cultures, and I had trouble facing the realities of third world politics. This was especially true when I lived in Cairo for a month. I left America with the bombastic idea of “changing the planet overnight” (or at least within two to three years), and realized halfway through my trip that I needed to confront my own demons before taking on the larger evils of the world; my own grievances with the death of my father, betrayals at home, relationships, and my ego. This introspection led to the creation of my current body of work "i hope you came across what you had to find" that uses materials I gathered during my travels, but the content essentially focuses on metaphorical accounts of my personal tragedies. I will eventually go back to creating political art again, but for now I still need to process all that I experienced last summer. 

- Vieno James

Quote taken from D/Railed Magazine Interview 2017

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