Between Now and Then

I am only a participant in this journey of life. Dawn will glow dimly. My work falls somewhere between Now and Then. I owe it as a child of the Black Sun.  My work whispers tales of the Rift Valley and early hunter gather societies. I intertwine the soft breathe with my daily experiences of culture.


This series is a mix of my experience of Atlanta, GA trap culture with my research of anthropology and paleoanthropology. Using primitive motifs in combination with motifs of the contemporary world, I've created a series that captures my understanding of the past and present. All materials have been stretched across trees that I have have chopped down, or uprooted from the nearby woods of Taro in Land of the Black Sun. 

Location: Taro; Woodlands off of the shore of the Ameri-Antalian Sea. (Woodlands of the Greater Atlanta, GA area)

Inspiring Books: Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond, and Then Past in Perspective by Kennith L. Feder

Art included

Assemblages: Works made from found objects, paint, oil sticks, pigment sticks, ropes, collage, and electrical wire stretched across trees I've chopped down, or uprooted from the local woodlands. 

Weapons: "Primitive" weaponry made out of found objects. 

Texts from Timbuktu: Burned books reveal secrets.

*Texts from Timbuktu can be read by clicking this link.