Statement || A multidisciplinary artist, Vieno James uses a range of process-based abstractions, abstract figurations, and assemblages of material to examine and draw reference to the world of globalization, spectacle, commoditization, and communication. Drawing on his personal travels, James creates artifacts from the places his travels, such as the bedding he slept in. He inhabits his cultural experience creating a three-dimensional diary, and thereby refuting the origins of Euro- Centric abstraction, extending and re-ordering abstraction’s origins and traditions to embrace a global.

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Bio || Vieno James (b. 1996) is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. The content within his multivalent practice stems from an amalgamation of stories, materials, and experience. Vieno is a student at the School of Visual Arts. While attending the School of Visual Arts (SVA), he became a recipient of the competitive C.H. Rhodes Scholarship and the Fine Arts Special Department Grant. Vieno has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has completed residency programs/research projects in Japan, Egypt, Kuwait, Italy, Hawaii, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Easter Island. He has given public artist talks in New York, Georgia, and Japan. And, has been featured by national and international media outlets including CBS,, and Quiet Lunch Magazine.

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