Statement || The Land of the Black Sun is a contact zone: a land of asymmetrical relationships marked by contact, history, material, capital, and the experiences shared within the space they make.  In our globalized world of spectacle, commodification, and communication, it is the ‘real’ invisible hand connecting nations, races, classes, and cultures. Through art, I attempt to understand these dialectical relationships through a range of process based abstractions, abstract figurations, and assemblages of materials that define glimpses into the ‘real world’. I hope my work provides space for conflict and healing in between you and me, us and them, now and then. And if my work allows us to transcend this moment in time, to stand in awe of our own existence, its reason for being is made clear.

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Bio || Vieno James (b. 1996) is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. The content within his multivalent practice stems from an amalgamation of reality. His work draws from drawing from paleo-anthropology, anthropology, travel, history, shamanism, philosophy, and his life experiences. Vieno utilizes these sources of inspiration to create assemblages, paintings, performance art, and music that lie within a contact zone called “The Land of the Black Sun.” Vieno is a student at the School of Visual Arts. While attending the School of Visual Arts (SVA), he became a recipient of the competitive C.H. Rhodes Scholarship and the Fine Arts Special Department Grant. Vieno has exhibited in New York, Colorado, Virginia, and Fukuoka. And he has an upcoming auction at the Children’s Museum of Art, NY. He has completed residency programs/research projects in Japan, Egypt, Kuwait, Italy, Hawaii, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Easter Island. He has given public artist talks in New York, Georgia, and Japan. And, he has been featured by national and international media outlets including CBS,, and Quiet Lunch Magazine.

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